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Uplifting Ambitions

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NGƯỚC focuses on expanding the connecting development model called "LOOK UP" – including a group of 6 -10 young people to train (a) new skills. The expected result is the exchange of experience and training skills of participants in the leadership development programs and the LOOK UP model of NGƯỚC – the foundation skills for young people to implement community projects in the future.

Inspired by Lean In of Shalyn Sandberg - which has a successful connection model for women, LOOK UP Model has been developed with the longing to create LOOK UP teams. This ideal connection is made for young people from all over the world who are seeking for skills enhancement with teams.

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of students choose the wrong major 

NGƯỚC Proposal.png

over 50% of graduates. are still listed as ‘having jobs’ if they work with low salaries or take jobs unrelated to their major

NGƯỚC Proposal.png

95% of 10000 university students agree that all the projects require  candidates's previous experience

NGƯỚC Proposal.png

of students have knowledge about their field of study.

Small-scale groups in our model can help youngsters understand the role of a member in a team, have pre-trained skills, and practice together to reach a particular goal. With that purpose, the LookUp Model will go in the direction of creating small-scale training and connection groups to closely monitor each person's progress and help them improve themselves, and build deep connections with our free-of-charge resources. Up to November 2021, we have run 43 LookUp groups with 425 members, including both completed and ongoing teams.


LOOKUP Model challenges the participants to come out of their comfort zones by providing them with chances to expand their social relationships as well as learn how to become team leaders. 


LOOKUP Model not only strengthens the participant's soft skills but also enriches their knowledge. Everyone is boosted to obtain a new goal throughout our activities. Hence, all have valuable experiences to put in their resumes.


Each group consists of a maximum of 10 members. We believe that the limit facilitates the internal bonding within groups, thereby establishing an intimate connection among members.


Every member is bound to join hands to build and maintain a group. Each person plays a role of a pioneer to inspire others during the whole process. It is a special lesson for everyone to improve their confidence and leadership skills.

LookUp Model is a fresh initiative for youngsters to find their true companions and reach specific goals.

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How astonishing in a goal-oriented team setting!

On your path to achieving your ambitions, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

"All sharing similar goals can move mountains"

― Chris Matakas

Whenever you need a team to inspire, connect, motivate each other to grow – Find and join a LOOK UP Model!

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Leading a LUM and looking up with our new companions! 

You do not need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment. ― Seth Godin

Leadership is action, not position

Forming your own Look up team is not difficult. You can completely operate your team with our support.


  • LOOKUP MODEL | Organizing Team Recruitment
    LOOKUP MODEL | Organizing Team Recruitment
    Mon, Jan 10
    Recruitment Form
    Recruitment Form
    LOOK UP MODEL tìm kiếm những tinh thần trẻ và nhiệt huyết, mong muốn xây dựng một dự án cộng đồng thúc đẩy người trẻ phát triển bản thân và kiến tạo cộng đồng.

Chi Hoang, Caller

“Through the model of a small group working together to practice a new skill, LOOKUP Model  has given me the opportunity to connect with true companions who share the same goal of fitness, a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.”


Phan Thu, Member

 “This is a home for people who aspire to craft an organized and minimalist life. Through LOOKUP Model we have a chance to learn together about how to Organize your 'space’ & organize your life


Hai Nguyet, Member

“LOOKUP Model was a very memorable experience and a great opportunity to help me find true collaborators and practice skills about how to build content for the event?”


Minh Ngoc, Member

 “Through LOOKUP Model we met like-minded associates and fortunately we overcame 30 other excellent projects and was selected as the best project in the NGUOC competition”

Meet The Team


Ms. Tran Bao Chau
Co-founder & Project Leader

A passionate youth leader, a representative of Vietnamese youngsters, and a natural storyteller and connector, I get a genuine kick out of presenting, training, and facilitating...

Nguyễn Hà Linh.jpg

Ms. Nguyen Ha Linh
Project Coordinator

I am a person who always lives quietly and gives my best under that cover. However, that's not all about myself. If you are curious, let's work together and you will learn many surprising things about me...

Pham Thuy Linh.jpg

Ms. Pham Thuy Linh
Project Coordinator

I am not the type of adventurous lover and LookUp Model had never ever been in my plan until I joined it by chance as a twist of my life. However, now I am really grateful for the twist thanks to the awesome companions I have met in LOOKUP Model...

Our Advisors

Asyifa Yuditya_Profile Picture.jpg

Ms. Asyifa Yuditya Indonesia

Asyifa Yuditya (22) is a final-year English Studies student at Universitas Indonesia who always strives to constantly develop her skills and advance professionally. She takes a great interest in international issues, human rights, and self-development. Those interests have been channeled through various national and international organizations and volunteering projects aimed at overcoming today's adversity, in which she has participated during her college years. Furthermore, she has also partaken in a number of conferences addressing current global issues, notably those involving youths and quality education. With "Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou" as her life motto, she believes that nothing makes her happier than assisting others in attaining success.

Ruslina _Thailand.JPG

Ms. Ruslina Muleng

 I am Ruslina Muleng from the Deep South of Thailand, and currently work as  regional executive body at Asean Youth Forum ,Thailand Based. 

 " She is an ordinary person who believes in potential ability and seeks for betterment. Social engagement and inequality appear to be improved. No one should be left behind and we all change-maker is my driven motto."


Ms. Zea Anne Denise Go Philippines

For several years, I have been a student leader and a journalist who pioneered the organization of different events in my previous institutions, and have written and edited for publications. I have joined multiple research and socio-political conventions- both local and international and have organized several competitions myself. I have invested my time in pursuit of these different events, activities and positions as I always aspire to utilize my platforms in order to forward my advocacies for social equality, climate justice and political awareness. 

Currently, I am a leader and mentor in Climate Reality PH, hosting projects and participating in activities that support or advocate for climate justice. I am also a member of Philippine Medical Students Association as I am also studying medicine in my 2nd year of BS-MD program. With or without my platforms, I still am dedicated to continue doing my best for the people I am already serving and for the society I have yet to serve.

Quote:  "I aspire to witness finalists who uphold the value of integrity and justice to their platforms such that they could be effective advocates of heartfelt service and positive systemic change"

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