We recycled “wastes” into stunning art works and meticulous handicrafts, which was displayed in our “1980s” ART EXHIBITION in Hanoi with over 3000 guests in 2 days and roughly 5600 USD in donations.


1980s RECYCLED ART EXHIBITION is dedicated geared towards the Vietnamese childhood recapture during State Subsidy Period – “Thời bao cấp” (1975 – 1986). The stunning handmade art works displayed on the exhibit are created by orphan children and young people in Hanoi. Whilst NGUOC’s members are millennials and living in peace and development, the exhibition contained the sympathy, respect and responsibility of the youngster to the nation we live in.

The exhibition title “1980s” has encapsulated authentically and lively the Vietnamese childhood under the subsidized economy.

Through recycled illustrations, not only can this retrospective exhibit engender a great nostalgia for the indelible days, but also provide a new perspective in this bygone era for community.


Enhancing the environmental, voluntary, art and cultural values, 1980s RECYCLED ART EXHIBITION hopefully appeal for donations from philanthropists and Vietnamese residents, which is the valuable gifts to the disadvantaged children – the orphans devoid of parents’ love and “normal” childhood.