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"Civic Engagement in the “New Normal”


Youngsters and their contributions to the community, together with “MOVEMENT” in “the New Normal” 

*The event is totally free of charge and not for profit.

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Universities and fresh graduate students from prestigious universities in Viettnam (VinUni, RMIT, BUV, Fulbright, FPT, FTU - Foreign Trade University, NEU - National Economics University,...)

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Time: 2 hours | 9:00 - 11:00 AM

            Sunday, 14/11/2021

Link  : Zoom Meeting

ID      : 221 222 5555




221 121 5555    |     222 155 2255

*Please do not share this ID and pass for anyone else who is not a participant of YFE.

Zoom Link
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8h30 - 9h

Staff and participants set up devices, Internet connections, rename themselves, and set the Zoom background.

Rename on Zoom
1. YFE's Speaker - Name - Institution
2. YFE's Guest - Name - Institution

Zoom Background Download

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9h - 9h15

  • MC/Host: Event introduction and opening remarks

  • NGƯỚC's Founder: The Role of Youth in civic engagement: Understand "The Bystander Effect." (5m)

  • MC/Host share her own stories of motions.

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Welcome Speakers
9h15 - 9h20

Powerpoint Presentation

MC/Host welcome:

  • Motivational Speaker : Model/Entrepreneur Tống Khánh Linh - Helly Tống

  • Inspirational Speaker : Fashionista/Influencer Nguyễn Đặng Khánh Linh - Cô Em Trendy


List of warm-up questions:

  • What have you had for your breakfast to have full energy before join with us? Have you had a nice wake-up and morning?

  • What is the meaning behind your unique and beautiful names? (Helly Tong & CoEmTrendy?) Is it something related to your passion and motto of life?

  • How can you perceive the event name "Youth Forum Empowerment" and the Topic "The New Normal"

  • What is your expectation of your youth representatives and ideas?

Inspirational Speaker: Model/

Fashionista/Influencer Ms. Nguyễn Đặng Khánh Linh - Cô Em Trendy

  • Người Mẫu: Representative of Vietnam partook in Paris Fashion Week 2019.

  • Fashionista/Influencer: 650 000 followers on Instagram. Lifestyle/Fashion/Beauty.

  • Youtuber: "Cô Em Trendy" Channel with 250 000 followers.

Motivational Speaker:

Model/Entrepreneur Ms. Tống Khánh Linh - Helly Tong

  • Founder – CEO of The Yên Concept - Plants & Pots. The Art of Planting.

  • Co-founder of Lại Đây Refill Station.

  • Creative Impact Director of Sống Foundation

  • A storyteller: Guest Speaker for thousands of youngsters across Vietnam.

9h15 - 9h20: Introduction of Speakers
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9h20 - 9h40
Motivational Speeches from Speakers:
“The bird fights its way out of the egg”

1. Safe Zone or Comfort Zone?: movement in  “immobility”
2. Breaking Through: movement in “volatility”

​9h20 - 9h30:
Inspirational Speaker Ms. Khanh Linh, Cô Em Trendy.
Suggested Topic: "Find, Follow & Persist Passion -> Purpose -> Profession" 

​9h30 - 9h40:
Motivational Speaker Ms. Helly Tong
Suggested Topic: Overcome Dilemmas. Mental & Physical Health. Eco-friendly lifestyle"

9h20 - 9h30: Speech from Ms. Khánh Linh - Cô Em Trendy
Transparent Ms Khanh Linh.png
Transparent Ms. Helly Tong.png
9h30 - 9h40: Speech from Ms. Helly Tong

Khanh Linh is not only a model, a fashionista but also a Youtuber, a blogger with a passion for lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. However, during the period of social distancing, all activities must stop/delay, including domestic and foreign traffic. Especially when she is a person in the fashion industry, it is necessary to participate in many different domestic and international shows and photo shoots. -> Personal story of the influencer Ms. Khanh Linh - Co Em Trendy - How can she always be consistent and follow her passion in all circumstances?

As an entrepreneur, model, and social activist, Ms. Helly Tong is considered a representative of modern, knowledgable, passionate, and ambitious youth. She is also a motivational speaker who has had a lot of influence on generations of students through the persistent journey of pursuing a green lifestyle and sustainable development. Ms. Helly will share about her journey through, overcoming dilemmas, balancing mental & physical health, or as she used to self-describe as her path to find TRUE HAPPINESS?

Oriented questions (Expected utcomes from Speakers' speeches):

1. Speakers' personal experiences, opinions & perspectives about "The New Normal" Life.

2. From speakers' opinions, what are the foremost "motions" in "the new normal" period from the youth to:

  • Their self-awareness and self-development.

  • Their career path and orientation.

  • Their contribution to society.

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9h40 - 9h50
Talkshow, Q&A
with speakers

Q1: Ms. Khanh Linh - Co Em Trendy | Safe Zone or Comfort Zone?

  • "Experiencing a long period of social distancing, young people tend to fall into a state of difficulty, even lack of motivation, confusion, and disorientation. Notwithstanding, when following Ms. Khanh Linh's activities over the past period across different fields and platforms, we are inspired by her consistent enthusiasm and passion. From that experience, can Ms. Khanh Linh share your personal feelings on this issue and suggest  03 things young people need to remember to renovate their morale and build new plans for the future?

9h40 - 9h50: Q&A - Ms. Khánh Linh - Cô Em Trendy

Follow-up Q1:  Ms. Khanh Linh - Co Em Trendy | Safe Zone or Comfort Zone?

  • "Dear Ms. Khanh Linh, how can I step out of my comfort zone without facing much opposition from parents and family?" - From Youth Representative Hien from HCMC University of Economics and Finance - UEF.

  • "According to NGUOC and the guest speaker, how do we students overcome the anxiety of having to be independent in big cities after the recent upheaval because of the epidemic?" - From Youth Representative Thanh Vinh from VinUni.

Q2: Ms. Khanh Linh - Co Em Trendy | Break Through

  • Many young people are confused about whether following their career path or partaking in extracurricular activities is considered a contribution to the community. Our youngsters have a strong passion for civic engagement, yet do not know how to contribute. Can you share your thoughts on this matter?

Follow-up Q2:  Ms. Khanh Linh - Co Em Trendy | Break Through

  • "Move in the "new normal", should we move fast (fast, hurry to do things that have been delayed for a long time) or slowly (carefully observe the situation until it's really okay)?. Can Khanh Linh help me with the answer? - From Youth Representative Soi from Binh Phuoc Province - Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Q3: Ms. Helly Tong | Movement in “volatility”

  • During the recent tumultuous time, as an influencer, how have you "moved" to contribute to the community?

  • As far as we know, Ms. Helly participated for the 3rd year in a row in the series of VAS Talks: 'Need to empower and trust the young generation'. Is that one of your most positive moves?

9h40 - 9h50: Q&A - Ms. Helly Tong

Follow-up Q3:  Ms. Helly Tong  | Movement in "Volatility"

  • Why do we call "a new normal" when we will probably never be able to return to our pre-pandemic and unresolved challenges like climate change, riots, terrorism, clean water, and environmental pollution? From An, British University Vietnam - BUV.

Q4: Ms. Helly Tong | Right Attitude

  • Each of us sees the world through a distinct lens, which colors and shapes our perceptions. Let's call this lens our (attitude). Carl Jung once said, “Attitude is the psychological readiness to act or react in a certain way.”

  • Those words made a deep impression on us. So, Ms. Helly, can you share a little bit about the attitude of young people in the new normal to be able to move towards 'the right"?

  • Specifically: Have a positive attitude, desire to contribute to the community,...

Follow-up Q4:  Ms. Helly Tong  | Right Attitude

  • "I think at this moment, the ability to adapt has become more important than ever. But how to select the 'right', the suitable environment for us to choose to adapt to. Because I see that there are many factors that can make young people choose the 'wrong' situation to adapt to. - From Mai Huyen Trang, Bac Ninh, National Economics University.

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9h50 - 10h
Meet & Greet The Representative from American Center Hanoi, U.S. Embassy.

MC/Host welcome: The Representative from American Center Hanoi, U.S. Embassy.

Regional Public Engagement Specialist of U.S. Embassy. The panelist, judge, motivational speaker empower and inspire a thousand of hundred community programs in Vietnam.

The Public Affairs Section advances U.S. foreign policy by deepening ties between the peoples of Vietnam and the United States.  Through diverse programs – from social media campaigns to academic exchange programs, to name just a few  – Public Affairs delivers information about the United States, its policies, its government, its people, and its culture, to better align the Vietnamese public with the U.S. interests of mutual concern.  Public Affairs works closely with all members of the U.S. Mission in Vietnam to promote and amplify their policy efforts.

The American Center (AC), a high-tech library and computer lab with 3D printers is a conducive environment to learn English and attend workshops and programs for free.  The AC also responds to research requests, providing up-to-date information about the United States to journalists, academicians, researchers, Vietnamese government officials, ‎and students. 



Question for the Representative from American Center Hanoi, U.S. Embassy

  • 2021 is a special year as it marks the 26th Anniversary of U.S. – Vietnam Bilateral Relations. Can you share with us some recent activities by the American Center and the U.S Embassy to celebrate this event, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic? What are the upcoming programs from American Center Hanoi/U.S. Embassy in the "New Normal"

  • What advice would you give to empower the role of our youth delegates and Vietnamese youngsters as a whole in the “new normal” situation? 

Appreciations from our two motivational speakers - Ms. Helly Tong & Ms. Khanh Linh - Co Em Trendy - As the representative of YFE, NGUOC & the Vietnamese to say thanks to American Center, U.S. Embassy in Hanoi.

Thank you to all the guest speakers to join YFE.

Take a photoshoot with our guest's speakers and YFE youth representatives.

9h50 - 10h: Meet & Greet with the Representaive from The American Center Hanoi, U.S. Embassy.
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Getting Ready to
Create New Values
10h - 10h45

  • Youth representatives are divided into breakout rooms and share their own “moving” stories.

  • Each room will have one facilitator and one secretary to ensure the process takes place on schedule.

Screenshot (1162).png

10h45 - 11h

Summary, Closing Remark, Photoshoot


We really hope that you would have liked our work as well as its quality. We really want to thank you for all your assistance and support. Thank you for all of these indelible moments with our national youngsters.

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