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“When I was a lad I dreamt distant dreams

Dreaming of being a white cloud going everywhere,

I want to go really far, seeing many things

Because this city is much smaller than me

Reaching my hand to embrace the sky.”

From “Hoạ sĩ bầu trời”- Gác Mái

           Among over seven billion people in this world, We believe everyone has his/her own unique personality, dream, and sky. That sky could have been created from what you have experienced, combined with your ambitions and aspirations. They could be the dream of wanting to return home, visiting somewhere far away, or the lessons and knowledge accumulated from an adventure. A man’s life has simply been dedicated to these three duties: thinking about the past; living in the present and dreaming about the future. We believe that everyone’s three missions, as mentioned above, are distinctive to an extent.

            You know, the photographs that you took, the paintings that you drew, or the literature that you wrote in particular and art always are filled with emotions stemming from the authors. Moreover, art embraces the ambitions, dreams, and experiences of the creators. Let’s imagine what would happen if such background and adventures are sketched into colorful paintings and freestyle drawings?


           As long as it is about the way you want to tread on, the thing you want to do no matter what, or it is just something you want to share about past adventures, we are willing to listen to the joys and sadness with you. We would stand with you under that sky, whether it is sunny there or rainy. 

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03 Prizes

  • 100% thí sinh tham gia cuộc thi nhận giấy chứng nhận từ Tổ chức NGƯỚC + WOW Academy

  • 40 thẻ khám răng cho gia đình (5.000.000/thẻ) dành tặng 40 bài dự thi xuất sắc nhất

  • 03 Giải Đặc biệt cho 03 bài dự thi ảnh, vẽ và design xuất sắc nhất: mỗi giải 2.000.000đ tiền mặt + Sinh trắc vân tay bản full + Khóa học online của Wow + Giấy giới thiệu từ Wow

  • Giải Nhất: 1.000.000đ tiền mặt + Sinh trắc vân tay bản full + Khóa học online của Wow

  • Giải Nhì: 700.000đ tiền mặt + Sinh trắc vân tay bản rút gọn + Khóa học online Wow

  • Giải Ba: 500.000đ tiền mặt + Khóa học online


Giải Triển vọng: 200.000 + 50% Khóa học online

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